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    I've been doing lots of stuff since I got my Unlocked GSM 650 on monday, and this is my first non-trivial issue.

    I'm in zLauncher, in the "All Apps" tab. You can type letters to jump to the app that you're spelling. If, after typing first letter, I hit the spacebar, the Treo immediately soft resets. This happens regardless of what letters I type first or what app is selected (and I've tried ROM, RAM and Card apps).

    The spacebar only triggers the reset after typing something else (even an initial spacebar press) first, not after navigating through the list with the 5-way (in that case the first space after navigation jumps to the top of the list [where I have " Quick Tour"] and the second space resets).

    The only time the space doesn't cause a reset is if there is an app with a space in it's name and you've typed all the letters in the name leading up to the space (i.e.: there's no reset when I type "W-O-R-L-D-<space>" because I have an app named "World Clock", but "W-<space>" does reset.)

    It's not a huge deal, (the only reason I even hit the space bar was because I thought that would launch the selected app, but the 5-way center is good enough for that), but spontaneous resets are probably something worth avoiding.

    Hmmmm, this is interesting, I renamed " Quick Tour" to "Quick Tour" (getting rid of the leading space) and now I can't invoke the reset with the spacebar anymore. The spacebar now just causes a jump to the next tab.

    Oh well..... nevermind.
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    I can't reproduce it
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    The apps were listed in the "Detail" view... if that matters.
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    I had this problem before, but somehow it fixed itself.

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