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    Everytime I hotsync, I get duplicated info on my Treo650. I have already checked the conduit and it is set at synchronize.

    I am typing my info in using the deskop. After I finish a good amount, I hotsync, then when I check the Treo, I have multiple entries of ALL my items EXCEPT birthdays.

    If this helps.

    Why is this happening??? UUUGGGGH. I don't think I will buy this now!
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    I use SplashID and do not have this problem with my Treo 650.

    I assume you are using the current version of SplashID? Upgrades are free as long as the first number in the Version is the same.

    If your desktop doesn not have duplicates, try doing a Desktop-Overwrites-Handheld one time, and then see if it behaves nicer after that.

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    Yep, no problems here either that I've noticed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR
    Spoken like a true developer (or possibly customer support person) !
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    OK... the desktop overwrites... worked, but now I'm going to try synchronize again.
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    Thanks Chicken Dude...

    That seemed to have worked.
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    btw, the new splash id is great. no more using the stylus.

    one big improvement off the bat, when u launch it you are at the password line instead of the focus being on ok.
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    This happened to me too (the duplication of all my entries in Splash ID. I think I fixed it my deleting the dups from the desktop, and then doing a desktop overwrite handheld.

    Anyway, here is what Splash Data wrote to me: (on 1/26/05) By the time I had gotten a reply, I had done what I said above.

    1. Remove duplicates from the SplashID desktop. This will be a lot easier
    than deleting them from the handheld. You can CTRL-Click each duplicate and
    select all of them at once and then delete to save time.

    2. When the data is clean, export a safe backup. Go to File > Export >
    SplashID vID and export all records to your desktop.

    3. Install the latest update, 3.22:

    4. Launch SplashID and choose Restore from the File menu. Choose the backup
    file on your desktop from step 2.

    5. set the SplashID conduit to desktop overwrites handheld for one sync.

    To do this:
    1. Click the HotSync icon in the system tray on the lower right hand side of
    your windows desktop, and select Custom.
    2. A list of conduits will appear.
    3. Double-click the SplashID conduit and choose desktop overwrites handheld,
    then click OK.
    4. Perform a hotsync. This will move all the data (and password) from the
    desktop to the handheld.

    If the duplication issue comes back, please check that the date and time are
    set correctly and the same on both handheld and desktop.

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