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    this may be completely a noob thing, i dunno.

    handsfree bluetooth works (so/so with my Jabra Bt200)

    dun bluetooth works

    isync works

    my problem is with the actual phone part. it just randomly turns off. is this supposed to happen? is their a way to manage this setting somewhere or an app i should be using (btw you shouldn't have to use a 3rd party app just to keep the phone carrier signal active)?

    i received only one ring on my last incoming call b/c the phone had to connect to T-Mobile first. i can't tell if this is intermittent or part of a setting somewhere. i've dropped two calls right in the middle and i was standing still- it wasn't a tower issue- the phone just turned itself off.

    i really really hope this is something stupid that can be adjusted.

    any clues? thanks.
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    Sounds like you have a defective phone. It should not turn itself off unless you push and hold the power button. CAll in for an exchange right now.
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    and be prepared to wait an ungodly amount of time on the phone.
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    waiting that ungodly amount right now. we'll see...
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    are you sure it is turning off, or just shutting down the sreen? my screen shuts off 30 seconds after not using it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dubLdribL
    are you sure it is turning off, or just shutting down the sreen? my screen shuts off 30 seconds after not using it.

    oh no. the phone disconnects from t-mobile completely.

    actually, what do i do to keep the screen on longer?

    but anyway, waited about 15-20 for tech support. they suggested a hard reset and then after explaining i hadn't used the phone for email or 3rd party apps, he asked if i was on the phone currently. i said yes, then heard a loud tone and was disconnected. it ticked me off, but after a hard reset, resetting up hands free and dun, and re-syncing, everything seems more stable. we'll see. i have to test this phone out on the road in maryland (i live in DC) tonight and at least until thursday night, and i won't have time to wait on tech support. hopefully it was just that hiccup at the beginning... if not i'll add more.

    ordered my skin case, screen protectors and headphone adapter from TC, thus i'm determined for the 650 to work out.

    note: isync didn't work until i physically removed all applicable conduits from their respective folder and put them in the disabled one. i've never had to do that with a palm device before, and i have a recent one (T3).

    also, i called T-Mobile before any of this, and they were super cool as usual but were sure it wasn't on their end. the woman i talked to knew no official plans for their edge roll out, but she did help me with unlocking my SE T610 so i can sell it to a friend. i really love their customer service. my contract is up in may, and i have serious thoughts about moving to EDGE... it's a toughie.
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    How is t-mobile service in DC? I have Sprint now and love it (always have a signal) but thinking of switching for work reasons. Is t-mobile reliable in this area? Especially on the 650...

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