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    Hi - anyone tried JOT? Does it truly recognize your own handwriting with accuracy?
    Is entering data any faster because you've got the entire screen area to write on?

    Datebk4 - does it include U.S. Holidays in its calendar/planner interface? Or, is there any shareware that I could use with Datebk3 that would add U.S. Holidays? I would love to dump Outlook......I use it only because it does include this feature.

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    Just go to, search on 'holidays' and import one of the many dba files for US holidays.
    Here's one example:

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    I bought Jot, and found that using this app I can do Graffiti much faster on the full screen. I tried the built in Jot handwriting recognition, but I seem to do much better keeping Graffiti as my input preference.

    TealPoint makes a program that will allow you to do configure your own customized Graffiti. They also offer other input enhancements:

    The only problem I've found so far with using those dba files to add holidays and such to your Datebook is that you must use the Palm Datebook app. I sync my Lotus Notes calendar to my Visor (although I still use the built-in Address app) importing a .dba file doesn't help because I don't sync with the Palm Datebook. If anyone knows a workaround for this, please let me know! I'd love to be able to import a prc or other file that adds holidays directly to my handheld.

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