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    I'm leaving for France next Wednesday, yippie!!! Well, I'm very excited about it and I thought it would be nice to have a French dictionary, to translate words, on my Visor. Anyone have a recommendation for a good one? I would prefer something cheap, since this is the only time I'll be using it.
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    Try French101 at It is not a complete dictionary but lists more than 1100 words together with verbs conjugation as well as examples of expressions. It really helped me on my trip to France and although pricey it was very helpful
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    I'm back finally!
    I had a wonderful time in France, not that all of you want to here about it. Before I left I found a free English to French dictionary called Polyglot. It was very useful when trying to find out individual words and I was able to ask for napkins, forks, garlic and meat. Plus a few others. It's not very comprehensive, but it helped a bit.

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