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    It's certainly interesting to see how much more space certain files and applications occupy on the Treo 650 than the 600. It's a price I'm willing to play for non-volatile memory.

    But -- now's the time to really get rid of files that don't do anything to conserve memory. I've noticed some files on my Treo 650 (unlocked GSM) that I think I can safely delete. I'd like to confirm that, though. These files are (as listed in the Delete menu):

    Demolm 111k
    tmpfl01.tmp (etc.), 3k and 33k
    MMUUpgrade 312k
    RomUpdater_itIT 113k

    And -- if I delete Documents (is that Documents to Go)? and Word to Go I presume it's also safe to delete WP_P2P and SS_P2P.
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    Let me expand the question:

    I've got apps that migrated to my 650 that I don't know if I need or not. Can someone tell me what they are and if they are necessary:

    DSLib 12k
    DXTGAttachment 85k
    gw12 1255k
    HSTracedatabse 8k
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    Well, I came to the conclusion that I have a lot of junk files on my Treo 600. A lot. So I did a hard reset. I'm not yet finished with reinstalling all my applications, but I can already tell that I will have a lot more memory having done the hard reset and clean install.

    And speaking of clean install -- I took the advice of some other posters and purchased and installed Clean Uninstaller before putting anything else on my Treo 650.

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