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    Has anyone bought the gotype or stowaway keyboard? If so, how well is it working?
    (please indicate which one you have)

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    I love mine. Keep finding more and more uses for it. I basically bought it as a "fix" since there wern't any more springboards, but the more I have it, the more I use it. REALLY handy for updating my spreadsheets and taking notes in meetings etc...Have found it to be worth the set-up time for anything over about 4 words.

    Just gave one to my new boss as a thank-you...that's putting a lot of faith in the product.

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    I own a Stowaway...I love it. Well worth the $100.

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    One of the freakiest pieces of gadgetry I've ever bought. Works great. And the wow factor is off the scale. I received a GoType for my bday in April and there is just no comparison, especially if you don't have the fingers of an 8-year old.

    $100 is a lot of money, but if you're setting up the visor as a notebook replacement, the keyboard is a good investment. Although I don't use it THAT much, I appreciate it when I do. I can see it being great for notetaking in class or meetings.
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    I've been using the StowAway for a month. It truly completes my IVX as a laptop "replacement." I've found that I can type right on my lap without support (if I'm careful) and the more I use it the more confident I am that even though it seems delicate (which it is) it doesn't have to be babied. My spouse and I got one for the two of us, but I suspect we'll have to get a second in the near future. It's fantastic!
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    VDx + Stoaway + Backup Module + Rhino Pack 3000 = my office wherever I go.

    I love the keyboard. It makes my visor a very suitable replacement for my laptop. And yes the wow factor is very high
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    Mine just arrived today and I already love it!!! Very cool. Works great, except it conflicts with Afterburner II. When Afterburner is installed, the keyboard either doesn't work at all or types the wrong letters and numbers -- even if the Keyboard program or other relevant programs are set to normal speed in Afterburner. So I had to uninstall Afterburner for the keyboard to work.

    By the way, which text input/editing is best? I'm testing all four programs I could find: pedit, TakeNote!, SmartDoc and QED. Which does everyone like the most (and why)?
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    Upgrading to Afterburner III will solve your stowaway/afterburner incompatibility issues.

    With the unregistered version you can simply set the speed of the driver and approapriate test editor to normal (16 MHz)

    With the registered version, no slow down is necessary. It is fully compatible at over-clocked speeds (28 MHz for me)!


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    Stowaway GOOOOOD!!!!!!! GoType BAAAAAAAD!!!!

    Seriously, I have managed to keep from hauling around a laptop from place to place due to the fact that I have the Stowaway with me at all times. And it's even small enough to fit in the pockets of my pants!!!!
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    Agreed! The Stowaway is GREAT! I use it almost every day, and don't remember how I got along without it. $100? Best $100 I spent on handhelds so far. Now if only I could get a 6-pack!
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    The Stowaway is a good keyboard and I own it. I have never truly tested the GoType so I can't directly compare the two. The latter does seem more cramped and is bigger, but on the other hand it seems more sturdy.

    A few drawbacks to the Stowaway:

    1) A couple of incompatibilities to software - eg. Afterburner
    2) On rare occasion the keyboard didn't work until I turned the Visor off and on again.
    3) The left arrow key sometimes only works to the beginning of the line. ie. It won't go to the next line above.
    4) When holding down the arrow key it will only repeat for so long and then it stops.

    And the worst: A) I am now designated minutes taker at all minutes, and B) I no longer have justification to buy a laptop for my purposes. Actually, some of my colleagues have laptops, but even those are too big to lug around to meetings in comparison. So the laptops just stay in their offices unless they're going out of town.

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    Tyler, thanks for the advice about Afterburner III. I'll try it.

    Eug, I've also discovered a few more idiosyncrasies with the driver. For example, every once in a while my Visor will stop recognizing cap shifts (upstroke) or punctuation shifts (tap once) in Graffiti. (Obviously, when the keyboard's not connected.) So I can't make any capital letters or punctuation marks until I go into the Keyboard software, disable Stowaway and then re-enable it. Weird!

    But I really love the Stowaway! Very easy to carry around and open up in a meeting to take notes, without lugging my laptop around. (Those G3's are really heavy.) And the cool factor is off the charts; you're really the life of the meeting when you whip this thing out.

    By the way, I've settled on Pedit for text entry and editing, although I haven't fooled with the other programs too much. Anyone have other opinions on that?
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    I have the Stowaway, and I love it!

    I chose the Stowaway over the GoType for two reasons:

    1. The GoType keys are way too small to type comfortably (and I have small fingers.)
    2. The Stowaway folds us into a much smaller package.

    I have been using SmartDoc for a while now and am very satisfied with the product.

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