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    Hello everyone. Just purchased my first Treo - a CDMA 650. I was wondering if there was a quick and dirty way to access my Lotus Notes corporate e-mail from my Treo (which I couldn't seem to find by searching, so maybe not). Anyway, I have no need to synch anything else with Lotus (calendar, etc.) and just want to check my e-mail while on the road. I can normally access my messages through iNotes via the web, but cannot seem to do that on the Treo either as the interface is to size-intensive for the palm browser. I work for a relatively small company, and our IT guy (literally one person) doesn't seem to know (or care) what I am talking about. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I'm interested in this as well. My company also uses Notes.
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    Hey Tac,

    Look out for Aileron Enterprise Solution to Access your Lotus notes email.

    Visit for more details

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    you could get business connection personal edition from sprint- if you decide to do that, i suggest you go for the SEVEN personal edition beta- same product as sprint, but you get the new features first- BC is a few revisions behind seven. that would probably be the least expensive easiest way to do it... it does require that you have a computer set up with an email client all day long however. since i have a laptop i had to find a work around- thankfully i'm an IT guy myself and i just installed the email client and the personal edition redirector on a server and it's good.
    however i've gotten annoyed at even the seven implementation- so i've switched back to my original first love- chatter! if your IT guy wants to set up an IMAP virtual server on notes- that would solve your problem and get you the best email experience available. i'm working on a tutorial for lotus notes server setup to compliment my exchange tutorial :-) stay tuned

    ps- unfortunately it seems like most companies that use notes dont like to enable anything standards based- including IMAP... something about the really overbearing companies with strict policies tend to install notes and stagnate... sorry i just hate notes... anyway- if there is not already an imap virtual server in place- you may be hard pressed to convince IT to install one.
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    Been using this on my T300 and T600 for almost 2 full years with NO major issues... great Customer Support as well.
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    Intellisync 5.3 works fine for my Lotus Notes R5 (only tested calendar, todo). Make sure you download the latest Intellisync patch for Palm OS (needed for Hotsync manager 6.1 and Palm Desktop 4.1.4, both of which come with the Treo 650).
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    Serpico -

    Did your company have to install something on the server to support mNotes? I am sure my IT will not make any accomodations to support accessing Notes via a Palm phone. Did you just install mNotes on your phone and gain the ability to pick up mail and send replies? I would be most interested in finding out about this. Thanks...
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    I'm wondering the same as DHart. Thanks, in advance.
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    This is kind of what I was afraid of. I work several hundred miles from our home office, and I doubt that IT is going to make any special accomodations for me by installing a server client. Sprint's Business Connection is also not a great option since I have to occasionally take my laptop on the road with me (but have no wi-fi access). It's too bad that the Blazer browser cannot hadle the iNotes interface, as that would be a simple answer. Blackberry can handle it now, so maybe when we see it on the Treo...
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    Tactical - are you saying that the BB web browser handles the iNotes interface? Natively? Just checking...

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