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    Awhile ago I downloaded Datebk4 and really liked all the features, but ended up remvoing it due to all the errors I was getting (similar to other posts here) and a general slow-down in speed.

    The other problem I was having is that it seemed to conflict with my Stowaway keyboard (e.g. clicking the ToDo key would not bring up the next category, other shortcuts seemed to be impaired...).

    I'm reading now that the upgrade has solved some issues - Anyone have a Stowaway and the latest version of Dtbk4? Thanks
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    I picked up my Stowaway last week, and I've had Datebook v 4.0b for a couple weeks (as a trial user.) I intend to purchase the product once the trial is over.

    I haven't had any problems yet: the function keys work just fine and I haven't noticed any performance issues. Can you give me specifics about errors? I can try to duplicate them and let you know if they are still a problem.

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