Having read most of the posts on the topic, and somewhat fearing the religious fervor to which our most passionate users subscribe <g>, I wanted to inquire about a simple File Launcher / Manager. I am kinda leaning towards PowerRun for the mansging part at this point because it doesn't do what most of the Launchers do IMO on the Treo 650 ..... and that's muck up a very clean interface the way that MS did a la Windows XP.

Of course if a Launcher includes this function and a bit more than that's one less program I have to have on the thing. Key issue about all those extra features is being able to leave them off.

I'm not much of a "skins" kind a guy and the only two I can remember that I do use is:

Afterglow on Mozilla
MMD3 on WinAmp

And I picked them for the clean look. Hey, a little snazz is fine but most of the authors seem to take a good concept and drive it into absurdity.

I used a very simple Launcher which I think was called just "Launcher" (without any of those "end of the alphabet" letters before / after it) on my Palm Vx. I can't check cause my 14 year old son "stole it" from me on the day the Treo 650 arrived. It gave me a couple of tabs across the top to help me organize things and if it did more than that I guess I just can't remember what it was.

Thoughts, suggestions, pointers to comparative reviews appreciated.