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    Got DUN working with my unlocked 650 and my Linux desktop (2.4.25 kernel with a D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth dongle) this morning, but not without some hassles...

    1. As previously mentioned, DUN kills everything else Internet related on your Treo 650. ChatterEmail will complain wildly. Handmark Express will choke. My Motorola V620 will tolerate Internet activity from both the handset and the desktop simultaneously.

    2. Use the following guide to get DUN working under Linux:

    3. You must set pppd to use a smaller MTU, esp. if you are getting EDGE speeds. By default Linux will use an MTU of 1500 for pppd, which will eventually lock up your DUN session. I cut it down to 576 and it has been smooth sailing since.

    #1 is really annoying. If you can get past that, the rest isn't so bad... just a bit of patience getting the pairing process on Linux ironed out.
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    were you able to get syncing working with Multisync? I've been trying that for days now to no avail. Thanks.

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