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    Sprint pushed some software to my 650 again last night using it's over the air provisioning. I don't know what they sent, but my battery consumption has gone WAY down. Yesterday it was about 1% to 2% an hour of idle, and this morning, I've just gone to 98% after about 2 hours, and that includes some on time and a couple of HotSyncs.

    I'm becoming more and more convinced that Sprint is using over the air provisioning to send updates to their Treo 650 customers.

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    Just figuring that out now ?
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    How can you tell if you've received such updates?
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    Your phone will have a provisioning message.
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    why is it that on some phones are getting updated?
    could it be the shadow patch.??
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    I was relatively convinced before but this is the first I'm noticing any effect. Other than I rarely have a problem, the frequency of any problem is becoming less and less....

    If you believed the other people in this group, the Treo 650 is the biggest piece of crap on the planet, Sprint is evil, I'm getting screwed by both Sprint and pa1mOne...

    In actually, I'm quite happy, and getting happier by the day. My Treo just works and does what it's supposed to do.

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    1%-2% an hour is consistent with 98% after 2 hours. I wouldn't draw a conclusion just yet.
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    How to you get this if you did not get it? How can your initiate over air provisioning. Is this the same thing as doing ##data, etc?
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    I'm thinking you're right, I jumped the gun. Oh well. :-)

    You can initiate it by dialing ##3282#, open the Menu, and select the option.

    Sometimes I don't get the full file, so that's the method I use to reinitiate the provision.

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    I always get the message
    "Update incomplete due a server compatibility issue. Your vision services may not be provisioned properly" Although my vision does still work. How can I get this to work?
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    when I do this I get to a screen and select download from the pull down menu, it shows "locked" then a url. I am not sure what to do here. When I select the modify tab it says "please enter Master subsidy lock", I do not know thew code for this. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You only drain 1-2% an hour ? wow I get about 13 hours out of my treo before its at 10% and i'm estatic that it lasts as long as it does.
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    Careful with the ##3282#, it trashed my dns settings and now I can't connect at all
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    Note that a reboot fixed it
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    Ditto what soccrnj80 says. I've never noticed an over the air update, and my provisioning menu is locked.

    I'm curious about one thing, Vet: Have you installed the sound patch that leaked out of Palm, or any of Shadowmite's other patches?

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    My word, this has been discussed ever since the 600 came out. The treo will attempt to setup vision provisioning until it has sucessfully completed it at least once. It tries to do this after certain amounts of inactive use. There is no update being sent to your phone nor is the treo capable of any update being sent to it other than prl ones that you have to start the connection for.

    There is no conspiracy.
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    I did install Shadowmites custom rom # 3 on my 650, GREAT work Shadowmite. I did notice what Shadowmite just said about it setting up vision provisioning, it did that like a week after I got my 650, and I called sprint because it would never do it successfully, they did something to my vision account, and walked me through some settings, it hasn't done that since sprint walked me through it, and did something to my vision account.
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    Dunno, maybe. I run chatter, so Vision is never inactive. I've successfully provisioned about a dozen times. I have no custom ROM. Not capable? Not sure I agree with that. The "ROM" (it ain't) may not be updateable, but other applications or patches? Why not? You can download ring tones and nekkid woman wallpaper, can't you?

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    I called Sprint and I was told that those updates are only for those phones that are having problems connecting to the Internet and that there was nothing more than that.
    I tried to do the updates by I get an error. I think I was never able to do them. I wonder if there is a way to do them.

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    look at what Shadowmite wrote a few posts ago, it explains it all.
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