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    So, my office firewall finally prevented access to I am now unable to IM from my PC.

    I really haven't gotten into the idea of using an IM client on my phone (although that might not be a bad idea at this rate).

    I'm wondering whether PDANet can be configured to only redirect traffic for certain IP address ranges (specifically +/-1

    That way I can continue to use my intranet for everything else and still have access to AIM.


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    Under the advanced section of networking for the pdanet connection, turn off use default gateway on remote network. Then you can manually add the route for the aim site to use the pdanet interface. Works like that with every other network interface so it should work with the pdanet interface as well. By telling the pdanet not use the default gateway, you are maintaining your LAN interface as the default except for ip addresses that match the pdanet interface and other addresses that you manually add to it with the route add command.


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