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    I stumbled across an odd problem - just installed Adobe Reader for PalmOS ver 3.05, on my Treo 650, on a 32 MB SD card. I can launch the application just fine, but - when trying to install .pdf files, I get the following log error message, from HotSync Manager:

    "Failed to install test.pdf to the SecureDigital (SD) Card
    - No application on your handheld to open these files. If you have recently installed such an application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync operation."

    As stated earlier - of course I have run Adobe - but had no file to test it with. Is there such a thing as "registering" an application, on the Palm, for specific file extensions?!? What am I missing here?

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    Because Adobe Reader uses a conduit for hotsyncing, it either needs to be in the internal memory or you have to use MSMount or PowerRun. The documents themselves can be stored on the card.
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    Thank you - that explains it
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    PDFs need to be run through the special Adobe Palm convert program before they can be placed on the card or read with the Palm acrobat reader.

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