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    I would like to know how easy it is to use the 650's buttons to retrieve my office voice mail. I need to call in to the office and enter code, and then the usual forward, back, delete commands. If I am driving, this looks to be imposssible to do as compared with my current Nokia phone. I can dial theNokia without looking at it because the buttons are large.

    Any opinions out there?
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    do a search
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    When you're in your voicemail the size of the buttons does make it kind of difficult to navigate by touch only. You can pull up the "Dial Pad" and use the touch screen, but then you have to look at it.

    Of course, trying to do any of that while driving isn't really the best idea to begin with...
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    how 'bout this, you could use a folding fullsize wireless keyboard and use the 10 keypad to enter the numbers.


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