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    I have a 180g on O2 post pay SIM, my wife has a 270 on an O2 pre pay SIM (aka 'pay and go'). Both have developed the same symptom, we can ring out, send and receive texts, but are unable to receive calls. Callers just get a continuous tone. On the 270 the fault occurs intermittantly, on the 180g it always fails. Does anyone have a solution?

    We have tried swopping SIMs. This produced inconsistant results - sometimes they would work sometimes they would not. The 270 developed the fault first. After swopping SIMs the 180g developed the same fault. This suggests the pre pay SIM has somehow damaged the 180g after swopping.

    O2 are sending a new SIM for the 180g and want us to take the 270 to their shop. From previous experience with their shop I am not confident this will prove successful. My expectation is they will send it away, then report they cannot fix it, or offer a replacement that is too costly to be worthwhile.
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    Cured this. Solution was to spray them with CAIG DeoxIT. Available in the UK from Probus Electronics +44 20 8866 7272. The SIMs were also slightly curved, so I carefully bent them the opposite way but this alone did not cure the fault - the Deoxit did the trick. Hope this is useful to others.
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