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    Hi guys,I read a program called Afterburner that supposedly boost your palm speed. Is it worth to install?, Is it safe for visor?, What is the optimum setting for visor? Anyone tried?


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    Although most people use it to overclock, I use it to underclock. I notice absolutely no difference in speed, but I do notice a great difference in battery life. I'm running at 14 Mhz and I've have the same batteries for about a month and a half. It's great! Has anyone who uses it to overclock find that much difference? What kind of programs do you run that you find slow?
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    Well, i'm not using it now. I don't know how to set it up. What is the normal speed for visor ? How fast can it be? If it can safe the batteries life that's good.
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    I believe the normal speed is 20 Mhz. Older Palms ran at 16Mhz. I haven't had any problems underclocking it at 14 Mhz.
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    Normal speed for the Visor is 16MHz. Just like every other Palm unit except for the Palm Vx - it runs at 20MHz.

    But because of Handspring's better design, the Visor actually runs 58% faster than the normal Palm unit speed. It even runs a bit faster than the Palm Vx. All this at 16MHz. (Has to do with memory wait states and access methods.)

    I to am interested in Afterburner. I've installed the older freeware version and tried some various speeds. I got a crash/reboot at 22MHz but all the other speeds worked perfectly - at least with a benchmarking program. The main problem with Afterburner is that IR might not work correctly when the processor is clocked at anything other than 16MHz.

    Version 3 of Afterburner is supposed to fix this for "some" of the combinations of IR transfer speed and the overclocked processor speeds, but the documentation is not clear on exactly what speed conbiations work and which don't.

    Also, being an Electrical Engineer, I understand the nitty-gritty details of processor speed overclocking. Going from 16MHz all the way up to 28MHz is one huge increase. Usually overclocking gets you about a 10% to 20% speed increase. A 75% speed increase is incredible.

    I do know that Motorola recently changed the maximum clock rate of the Dragonball EZ from 16MHz up to 20MHz. But its not the processor speed that really worries me: Its the speed of the access to the DRAM and ROM that worry me. If these interfaces are run too fast, memory corruption can result. The Afterburner docs do not specify how it deals with this. So I am reluctant to use it.

    Anyone else have some input on this?

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