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    Over the past 2 months, my Sprint PCS Treo 650 had been functioning quite well, especially after installing a custom ROM built on Shadowmite's no-frills #5 package. But 2 days ago, the sound quality from the ear speaker suddenly deteriorated. Normally the ear speaker transmitted clear, accurate sound quality, but now conversations sound as if they are coming through a wire and tin can. Every 30 seconds or so, the speaker will stop functioning for about 5 seconds or so. And strangely enough, the tinny, scratchy sound from the ear speaker is over amplified - at the full volume setting, it's almost as loud as the speakerphone. I called Sprint twice - the first call resulted in an updated downloaded to my phone that had zero effect on the problem, and the second resulted in Sprint's suggestion that I take the phone to the Sprint store for a swap.

    I've downloaded the restore ROM zip file and I am prepared to reset the phone back to its original state before taking it back to Sprint for an exchange.

    Does anyone see a problem with the steps that I've outlined here to get my apps and data off my old phone and onto the new phone?

    1. Back up bad T650 to both PC and SD card.
    2. Use 3 part process to flash the "" ROM.
    3. Return bad T650 to Sprint Store in exchange for replacement.
    4. Flash custom ROM previously used for first T650.
    5. Restore applications and data from SD card backup (or PC if SD restore fails).

    From all the threads I've read, it appears that almost all failed ear speakers from both T600 and T650 required a phone replacement. But before I go through the hassle, has anyone come across a similar ear speaker situation and found a fix? Are there any software issues that could cause the speaker to go haywire?

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards, asawadude
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    Any negative reports regarding the restore ROM? I'm about to take the plunge and set my phone back in its original state.

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