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    Everyone get's crappy quality when they connect their computers via DUN and Vision, right? There's no way of turning off the image compression is there?

    If you do know how to disable the image compression, please let me know.
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    So, does this mean I'm the only one who get's compressed images? Or perhaps this topic has been discussed to death? I did a search and could only find a slight mention of it in the main "DUN hacked' thread.
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    Mine does this too. Probably compression over Sprint's network that you can't turn off.
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    under my pc bt dun modem settings I remember seeing a compression option that was checked... I'll have tp play with it to see if that makes a difference.
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    Here's what I don't get about the image compression: if you were to go the exact same sight using Blazer (as opposed to your computer's browser) the image quality is MUCH better. This is even accounting for the difference in screen size. How is it possible that Blazer is able to display a better image than a normal browser?
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    I believe if you do a search on "proxy" and / or go to shadowmite's site, some interesting things might turn up.

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