Some of you may already be aware of a website and its software called,
the software looks promising and does work since I have already tried it on my Visor. But the downside is that you completely loose your Palm Desktop software sync with all your contacts and categories on your Visor. The only contacts that you'll have on your Visor will be the ones you establish at the website This is non-sense. So here is the final instruction to remove the software and re-establish synchronization with your desktop software.
In my case I didn't have to go past step #3.
I was lucky.

Harmony for AnyDay uninstall

1. Close all system tray short cuts for Harmony (Act, Notes, and Casio


2. Uninstall Enterprise Harmony through Add/Remove Programs in Control


3. Reboot your computer.

4. Delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\RandSync.

5. Delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\RSMenu. This file may be running, so

you will need to shut it down by typing ctrl+alt+del, then choosing End Task

for RSMenu.

6. Choose Start->Run then type regedit. Once in the registry editor, choose

the Registry menu, then Export registry file. Save this file as something

you will remember, like regbackup. Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Software -

Rand Software. Delete this key.

8. This will remove the AnyDay system tray icon. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -

SOFTWARE - Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Run

and remove the following keys:

"Harmony 98 -"="C:\\PROGRA~1\\COMMON~1\\RANDSYNC\\Translators\\AnyDay\\AnyDTray



"Harmony 98 -



9. Reboot your computer.

Now you will need to reinstall your software for the Handspring Visor,

choosing no for the third party conduits.

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