Hi, I acknowledge that this is my first post and i normally stay away from posting in the message boards due to fear of spending way too much time there. I am taking an exception now since I think you guys are being too critical of P1. The yahoo board is also becoming a paradise for P1 bashers!

I contacted P1's Investor Relations via this web form and i got the response back from Erin Freeley in less than 5 minutes (attached below)
Try the above form if you don't believe me with this info.

A copy of the press release that went out today is attached.



Orange and palmOne Launch New Treo 650 Across Europe

Building on Success of Treo 600 with High-resolution Screen,
Expanded Multimedia Capabilities, Bluetooth®, Removable Battery
and Talk Now™ Functionality

LONDON, Feb. 14, 2005 -- palmOne, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLMO), a leader in handheld computing and communications solutions, and Orange, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies, today announced the launch of the new Treo(TM) 650 smartphone in the UK, France and Switzerland.

The Treo 650 – which is scheduled to be available in March – offers a compact, full-featured mobile phone with email, a Palm OS(R) organiser, messaging, web access2, digital camera and QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard. It is also one of Orange’s flagship Talk Now™ phones, giving customers instant access to groups of friends or colleagues at the touch of a dedicated button on the side of the phone. As an Orange Signature phone, it also comes equipped with Orange-specific applications, such as Orange Backup (which allows customers to automatically back up Contacts, SIM data, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Mail and images wirelessly on a remote server) and Orange Download (enabling customers to receive updated software from Orange directly to the phone). palmOne and Orange will be supporting the launch of the Treo 650 with a broad range of marketing initiatives, including advertising campaigns.

Florian Seiche, director of Devices for the Orange Group, said: “The Treo 600 was one of the most successful Orange phones in our Signature catalogue last year in terms of data usage. Now we’re pleased to be offering this even more advanced smartphone to our customers. As well as the great multimedia capabilities the Treo 650 offers, our customers can also benefit from its in-built Talk Now™ functionality, which comes as standard on the handset. It’s great to extend our relationship with palmOne and to once again be the first in Europe to offer the newest member of the Treo family.”

François Bornibus, vice president, EMEA, for palmOne, said: “According to Canalys, sales of smartphones grew by 160 percent year-on-year in EMEA last quarter3, highlighting the great market opportunity that exists for palmOne and mobile carriers such as Orange. We are delighted to be working with Orange to deliver the Treo 650, a world-class smartphone, to its customer base in Europe.”

Bornibus continued: “Research in Europe shows that 61 percent of business decisions are being delayed because of waiting for people to reply to email.4 Having access to email on the move using a mobile device such as the new Treo 650 smartphone should help people overcome these challenges.”

With Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos and more, the Treo 650 is designed to let customers organise and simplify their business and personal lives in one place. They can dial contacts by name from their contacts list or enter a name or number on the QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard or the touch-screen dial pad. It also has a speakerphone, speed dial, conference calling, call history and caller ID, which makes managing calls that much easier.

Treo 650 Smartphone Expanded Features/Benefits

The newest member of the Treo family builds on the award-winning design of the Treo 600 with new and improved features:

• Vibrant 320 x 320 display is easy to read;
• Non-volatile memory and removable battery;
• Integrated Bluetooth(R) technology for communicating with headsets, car kits, computers and printers equipped with Bluetooth technology;
• Improved camera for better low-light shots, with video-capture capabilities;
• Improved QWERTY/AZERTY backlit keyboard and new design for easier typing;
• For GSM, capability to access EDGE based networks, which deliver incredibly fast data speeds5;
• Support for direct corporate email access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 using palmOne’s VersaMail(TM) email software;
• MP3 player6; and
• Single inbox for text and picture messaging.

More information on the Treo 650 can be found at: www.palmone.com/Treo650.

About Treo 650 and Orange

Orange customers will get access to a series of Orange-specific services on the Treo 650:

• Instant voice communication with Talk Now™
• Creates an immediate connection between two or more mobile phones, at the touch of a button.
• Allows customers to speak to or send an instant voice message to one or several Talk Now users who have selected themselves as available.
Through the “presence” functionality, see who is available to take a call

• Orange Back Up application
• Allows customers to wirelessly back up on a remote server your Contacts, SIM contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Mail and images.
• Set your phone to automatically back up information on a regular basis.

• Orange Downloads application
• Receive updated software from Orange directly to your phone.

About palmOne, Inc.

palmOne, Inc. -- a leader in handheld computing and communications solutions -- strives to put the power of computing in people’s hands so they can access and share their most important information. The company’s products include Zire(TM) and Tungsten(TM) handhelds and Treo(TM) smartphones, software and accessories.

palmOne products are sold at The palmOne Store (http://eurostore.palmOne.com/) and palmOne Retail Stores, and through select Internet, retail, reseller and wireless operator channels throughout the world.

More information about palmOne, Inc. is available at http://euro.palmone.com/europe/.

About Orange

Orange and wirefree and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trademarks of Orange PCS. The Orange group is one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies and a subsidiary of the France Telecom group, with operations in 16 countries across Europe and beyond. It provides a broad range of personal communications services, including Orange GSM1800 services and other digital cellular telephone services. Within the Orange Group, the Orange brand operates in the UK, France, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Thailand, the Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Botswana, and Madagascar. The Orange group also has controlled operations in Belgium (Mobistar). The Orange group has a joint controlling interest in Egypt (MobiNil) and minority interests in Portugal (Optimus) and Austria (One). As at the end of December 2004, Orange was the largest mobile operator in both the UK with over 14 million active customers, and France with over 20.6 million registered customers. As at the end of September 2004, Orange controlled companies had over 52 million customers worldwide. Orange, along with TIM, Telefonica and T-Mobile, is a founding member of the FreeMove alliance. Further information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at www.orange.com.