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    I recently received the 650 GSM unlocked to replace my 600 GSM ATT Treo. It too would hang everytime I tried to access the web or handle email, although once in awhile work.

    I found that the unlocked 650 GSM needs to have the Blazer preferences set to match the ATTWS required settings with regards to the proxy.

    If you go to the attws support page for the Treo 600 and set the Treo 650 proxy and APN settings as per their instructions, it seems that the 650 works perfectly. I think that the unlocked phone has none of the web parameters pre-installed, and will probably not work properly on all networks.

    Anyway, this fixed all of my problems... and I suspect it is the source of problems for people who have no software issues of corrupted files. It is a network settings problem for the 650.

    For ATTWS, go to:
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    nice, i'm gonna give this a try. i'm desperate. just got it today and it hangs on email and web.

    what about cingular?

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