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    I have installed the trial versions of MMplayer and Kinoma; and have Realplayer and Media of course.

    Where should video files on the SD card be located for these programs to find them? It doesn't seem to matter whether I Hotsyc them or put them on with a card reader these programs don't seem to find them. Right now they are in the root directory of DCIM.

    MMplayer only wants to pop up the file window that searches for audio not video? And even then It won't find the tunes that Realplayer or Ptunes will.

    Multimedia was much easier on the SMT 5600 I sold when I got the Treo. As a matter of fact it was a better phone; it was a pretty bad PDA though.

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    when you go to the playlist in mmplayer to add something, your SD card name is showing up in the upper right hand corner right? And your videos are .avi files right? MMplayer defaults to the Video directory for me, but that may just be because that's where I've been putting mine. Kimona might be the same but can't remember. I know in MMplayer I can go up and down directories as need be . I've got my audio files in the Audio directory. hope that helps...
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    It shouldn't matter. You can browse the directories on the card. If the file is a media type recognized by MMPlayer it will show up and you can add it to your playlist. If the file is in a format not recognized by MMPlayer it won't be visible when you browse. Hope this helps.

    Check out the MMPlayer website to find more detailed instructions. I have e-mailed questions to them in the past and got excellent feedback.

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