i recently purchased a treo 650 (love it!) and i'm having a very very weird experience with versamail. here's the setup:

server type: IMAP
in options>preferences>servers i have 'sent mail' checked and the path to my sent mail entered (INBOX.sent-mail)
in options>sync server folders i have the INBOX.sent-mail folder checked and 'subjects only' unchecked (blank)

now, whenever i send an e-mail message with an attachment, it only copies the text portion of the message to my sent-mail folder on the server. it saves the full message to the 'sent' folder on the device. other kinds of message get saved in their entirety but they have to be text only.

if i move the message from the 'sent' folder to the 'INBOX.sent-mail' folder and then do a sync, it disappears. ie, somehow it goes away from the INBOX.sent-mail folder.

anyone else experience this? any advice on how i can have the full message i sent be saved on the server in the INBOX.sent-mail folder?

thanks in advance.