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    I'm currently using the FREE MobileDBLite and MobileDB_PC software to view my MSAccess databases on my Visor. However, whenever I try and filter my records, MobileDBLite requires that I write the EXACT characters to filter out...I can't use the * function to get all records starting with a specific letter.

    I've been surfing around MobileDB, ThinkDB, HandBase, and JFile's websites and I can't seem to find useful info on this type of feature. I could try and install the trial version of each app but I thought i'd ask around here first. In the meantime, I'll check Visorcentral's archives for topics of this nature and perhaps I'll find an answer there.

    JFile was the only app that mentioned that I can filter with 'ranges'. So I'll also try installing the trial version to see if it fulfills my needs.

    Any help would be great!

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    I've downloaded some manuals and I think I've narrowed my list down to either ThinkDB or JFile.

    Any comments on these? Is there another app out there that you think is better than these?

    Thanks again.
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    I really like ThinkBD and I know it will easily filter according to a record's starting character (case-sensitive and non-case sensistive options) among other filter options. I have no experience with JFile.

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