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    I just got my Unlocked GSM 650 today and on Friday I get to go to the UK and use it! :-) However I don't have to order a USB sync/charge cable through the mail...might there be something at Best Buy for the T5 that will work? Or any good place to look retail?
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    Unfortunately, PalmOne isn't making one for the T650 (or T5). The aftermarket ones out there aren't likely to be in any stores.
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    Seidio has a nice retractable one--maybe they can overnight it to you. I actually got their 3-in-1 travel set with the USB wall charger and USB auto cigarette lighter plug with the USB charge-sync cable.
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    I got one of these: , from the same seller as the one selling this one. It came quickly, works great, and is cheap. I had a similar cable for my Treo 600. I ordered it together with a car charger, and saved a bit on shipping. It cost me $21.98 for the two of them.
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