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    I've loaded a number of programs on my Cingular 650, which I'm returning tomorrow since my unlocked phone arrived. I want a *mostly* clean install since I've tried several programs I've since uninstalled, but I want to keep certain settings (i.e., zlauncher, chatter).

    What's the best way? Is it easy to determine which are settings/preferences files? Thanks.
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    This works fine on the Treo 600, but I have no clue re the 650. FWIW, the developer's apps are uniformly stable, so it seems worth investigating.
    . . . Resc2Memo: nag-free fully featured trial
    It will toss a list of all files on your device to the memopad. Critically for your purposes, you can tic a checkbox to include the Creator ID AND sort by that Creator ID. Some apps are tricky, using two or three different creator IDs among its files, but most do not. Knowing that id will make it tons easier to match up data files with their prc parent. Suggestion: choose at the very least name, creator, sort by creator, no head/foot and be sure to include RAM & Rom. I say that last point because I'm told you 650 folks can save add-on apps to ROM. (Backup first-- just in case Resc2Memo proves allergic to the 650.)

    This may also help. I use an old version of BackUpBuddy, strictly to pull a backup of ALL files onto my desktop. BackUpMan handles daily backups to cards; it's restore list is presented in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to refer to your Resc2Memo list and check DBs of particular apps as you go along. The old version of BackUpBuddy/Desktop works fine with the T600-- it includes an option to backup all data in flash ROM. I can't imagine that this feature disappeared in the latest version. The trial will likely be good enough to get the deed done. Bottom-line: Resc2Memo will get you a comprehensive list; desktop BackUpBuddy will ensure you get all the files, even those in ROM (theoretically-- I don't know about its 650 compatibility- check at, or around these forums)

    Have fun. Oh yeah, all mentioned $$ apps can be found quickly via PalmGear's search box.

    P.S. Re Chatter- many of those files will not go to your desktop during a regular or BBB hot sync, presumably because they're open. You want to be sure to shut down Chatter & radio first, using the Upgrade and reset menu command within Chatter ("sys"). But BackUpMan does get em all, since I have backups scheduled for an hour after the radio/Chatter shut down.

    Alternative: using something like ZLauncher's File Mgr, you can reverse sort by creator id. Chatter's I.D. = ZRKa, ZKRx and ZKRi. If you tap and hold on the Chatter.prc file, then slowly lift the stylus >> a popup menu appears >> choose "select group", then copy em all to the card; go back and also grab ChatterExg and ChatterUtils, copying them as well. All these files begin with "Chatter", except one, which begins with mail_, and ends with an abbreviated version of the doman name and user name of the box with which you sync. I only sync with one box, but there's a total of 11 files, including the 3 main prc's. I just experimented-- so long as both the radio and Chatter are off, no problems grabbing/copying those files!
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    TreoRenegade, thanks for the detailed instructions.

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