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    I just received my new GSM 650 from Cingular. I had ordered it through our corp account with ATT, but it came in a cingular box with their stamp all over the place. When I went to set up the voice-mail it was asking me for the ph#. I wasn't sure what this was and since I was only a mile from the Cingular store I took it in to them (I needed a case anyway). Well, the tech there added the phone number and lo' and behold, it was the wrong one!

    I then spent over 4 hours on the phone with Cingular tech support and no one can help me reset the #1 button on the phone. They had me change the re-direct options and everything else they can think of and it didn't do any good. I even did a hard-reset on the phone. No help! I did remove the SIM, turn on the phone, reset the number, and replace the SIM. No help either; it was reset to the incorrect number as soon as the SIM came online. Apparently the information is on the SIM card and can't be removed/reset by normal means.

    Finally, the only answer was to find a Cingular store which still had an ATT phone available and use its SIM features to 'reset' the number. All is fine now.

    Sheesh!! Is this for real? You mean out of 4 hours of tech support I had to go to ANOTHER phone to fix my problem? Does anyone know of a way to correct or edit the SIM from the actual phone? I LOVE this phone, but I almost returned it due to amount of time I had to devote to fix a simple problem. However, I reserve my anger for the rep who put in the wrong number in the first place!
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    I dont know if this is the "correct" way, but on my phone if I go to change the voicemail number right after I turn the phone off and back on again, it will let me do it. It took me like 5 or 6 tries - I had a whole bunch of zeroes in that line, but I noticed that after I turned the phone off and back on again, the field was "editable". I put in the correct number (which was NOT my phone number, it was a number in my same area code provided to me by a Cingular CSR) and it has worked great ever since.
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    I thought there were areas on the SIM that phones could not write to, such as data information, voice mail, provider codes, etc.. They have a "sim card reader" at the stores which they can alter this data directly.
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    Oh way to go responding to an ancient thread..
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    Its the thought that counts...
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