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    I noticed at the HS site that not only do you need a modem, but (surprise!) you also need 3rd Party software to access POP mail or surf the 'net with said modem on your Visor.
    Anyone know where this is available in Canada , preferably (obviously) as free/shareware?
    Thanks for any help.
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    This has been the case since PalmOS v2, I believe (the PalmPilot Professional-era).

    Since you're online, visit and take a look at their collection of POP3 mailers and the like. TGWingman, MultiMail, Eudora Internet Suite, etc.

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    download proximail (free) and if you'd like proxiweb (also free).

    Proximail can handle up to 5 email accounts and dumps all your messages into the existing Mail app on your visor.

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    Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

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