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    Ok, I have gone back and read the post about getting Graffiti I working on the T600 such as this one:

    And I have read that this method does not work on the T650:

    But I couldn't find where anyone had tried to replace the ROM Graffiti II files with Graffiti files on the T650 using shadowmites ROM loader. Have I missed a thread or a reason why this might not work?

    It's just that I like Graffiti I soooo much. I had Reco Echo on my T270. I just can't seem to get used to the extra strokes of GII using GA.

    As an aside: I am all for someone sticking up for their patents, but Xerox could have at least released a Graffiti app of their own when they won. I mean, why fight for infringement and then just sit on the thing.

    Anyway, any chance that a custom ROM might work?

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    I thought P1 won the appeal? I was wondering the same as far as G1 libs. I had them on my 600 and they worked with Grafitti anywhere perfect. When I migrated to a 650 Grafitti Anywhere was not one of the programs I installed. If I do I will be looking into the G1 libs.

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    Palm won the Xerox suit, when the court held Xerox's patent invalid. But they still won't give us back the original Graffiti.
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    Use Tealscript. It recognizes G1 strokes.
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