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    This is my 2nd attempt, have been waiting for 1 hour, 20 minutes now, anyone else experiencing this??
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    same here on hold with them for about 29 minutes.
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    What's their number, I can't seem to find PalmOne's tech support number in my manual. I'd like to call them too! Thanks!
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    800 881 7256

    Took me 1hr 30min to finally get ahold of someone that I could barely understand. Now I'm waiting to speak to someone else.

    Have fun.
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    this is fairly smart on P1's part, since they don't want to talk to us or deal with the significant problems were having...this is very consistent, very expected...
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    Finally got ahold of someone, now it is supposed to take 1-2 business days to have my exchange "approved and processed", then it ships.

    I'll be extremely pissed if this takes long, I've been waiting long enough.
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    I think the long hold is due to them being very busy becuase its a monday and most of us are recieving our units today.. and of course most of us are having problems with the phones.. or so i've read in the threads.

    I use to do customer service, please remember.. its not the rep's fault, yell at a manager, they get paid more!
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    Yes, long hold times and disconnected calls lately.
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    I expect they are VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY busy.....

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