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    So excited when the ole Fedex man showed up at my door today with my unlocked 650.
    I was admiring how good the camera was, when I notice a blue speck on all the pictures I was taking. They are all in the same place.

    What I can not tell is it in the screen itself, or maybe on the cameras ccd?

    With the many different colors of the screen on different pages, it is hard to tell.

    Anyone else noticed this?

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    if the same spot is on the screen while not looking at a pic its a pixel, if its only while viewing a pic, no other time, its the camera, try dusting the lens with some canned air, otherwise call palm sorry
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    I had a black dot on the bottom of every picture I took for the first week or so, it was the camera. I guess something was on the lens becuase it went away.

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