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    At times, my phone screen comes on about every 10-15 min or so. It seems that VeriChat is reconnecting, even though it's set to always on.

    My problem with this is, my friends on their end are probably going nuts because I keep reconnecting/disconnecting. Anyway to stablize this? I have Cingular service with a data plan. It says GPRS, but I guess it's supposed to be Edge. Thanks.
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    Use SMS instead of trying to maintain constant connection.
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    Lawilson, I am having a similar problem... It doesn't seem to keep iter persistant. I really didn't want to use SMS as stated above because then it doesn't show you "ONLINE" correct? When it stays connected, its great because all my clients know that I am available. Anyone have any answers for this?
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    Also, is there a way to logon as 'invisible' from the start? Thanks.
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    Verichat seems to keep me logged in okay for extended period of time without disconnect/reconnect, and without turning the screen on. I use the "always on" setting with SMS notification.

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