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    Is there anyway to get CutPaste5 to work on a Treo 600?

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    I take it you're referring to a way to activate it, given the lack of a Graffiti area? If so, choose only "command bar", which will place the app's icon in that area. To open the Command Bar as needed, you've got 2 choices, both of which use the same method -- hold the menu key. Butler, or freebie FieldPlus. Both are at PalmGear.

    (I use the commercial equivalent of CutPaste5, ClipPro. Same command bar config, which is why I'm thinking that's the hassle you encountered.)
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    I use CutPaste5 all the time, with Butler activating the command bar, as was directed above. Works great. Less filling...
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    I have installed FieldPlus and read the Readme file. I see it in the Pref section as well as CutPaste5. I have command bar turned on in both apps. But I go to a memo, sellect all, then hold down the menu key -- nothing. -- no command bar!!

    I also try to use the 5 way keys to sellect text and it doesn't work.

    Any ideas?
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    I have version 1.3.1 of FieldPlus installed, on a Treo 600/GSM, which works fine. The usual cast of characters is present: TreoGuard, ZLauncher, McPhling, Butler, callFilter, Agendus pro 9.02, etc.

    I have noticed, however, that there have been several recent updates to the app. Within the past week, in particular, I noticed at PalmGear that there were back-to-back revisions, which suggests to me there were problems needed cures. I'm happy with what I have, so I ignored those updates. But I pass it on here, as it might have something to do with the problem your experiencing.
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    The FieldPlus developer seems to monitor this thread:
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    With CutPaste5, the cut, copy, paste icons in the command bar will only appear if you're in a text field and depending upon what is selected and what's in the clipboard. For instance, the paste will only appear if something is in the clipboard. Cut and copy will only appear if something is selected. -Mark

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