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    Ok, I have TreoGuard enabled to turn the screen off after 15 sec. It's set to turn screen on call ends, disable keyboard when off, and only off in phone application.

    I made a few sample calls to Cingular's 611. After the 15 sec, the screen went off as it should. However, I now cannot use the keyboard to press my options (press 1 for blah, press 2 for blah). I have to press the green call button to turn the screen back on, and then I can get it control of the keyboard again. Seems like a worrisome problem. Any resolution to this?
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    That is how it is suppose to work. It keeps you from accidentally hanging up on people with keyboard commands. after awhile you get use to pressing the green button first.
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    ScreenCare may provide what you are looking for.


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