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    Are screen protectors a must?
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    If you care about the screen, I feel they are. You can get them cheap (I got a 12 pack for a $1 Belkin Brand).

    I have carried it in my pants pocket with nothing else in my pocket but I think its easy to scratch the screen (even with a stylus - I did it all the time when I used the stylus on my old M505 with grafiti).
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    I carry mine in my jacket pocket a lot..sometimes next to some keys and coins...a screen protector is money well spent for me
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    can y'all suggest the best ones and decently priced as well?

    Please provide a link as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard371
    Are screen protectors a must?
    On a screen as big as the Treo's? Without a doubt, they are important.
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    Here is anecdotal evidence of yes.

    I have always used a screen protector on my PDA's - since day one. I can't remember if it was my Palm V or my M505, but I dropped it one day and it hit - screen side down - the sharp metal corner of piece of equipment on the floor. I shuttered as I picked it up and even more so when I saw a nick. I then peeled away the screen protector to reveal an pristine screen that was unharmed by the incident.

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    I tried them on my 600 and hated them. Never could get them to fit perfectly or get all the dust out from in between the screen and the protector. See what you think yourself - they are relatively cheap.

    For me a case was all I needed to keep my Treo scratch free for the year I owned it.
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    Silly as it sounds, if you never would have scratched your screen then they're a waste.

    The day you scratch your screen you'll kick yourself for not having one.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to predict which camp you're in!

    The good ones (like boxwave) are a bit expensive, but once you put it on the screen you'll forget it's there and have peace of mind too.

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    I really messed up my screen (unprotected) when my stylus slid over a few grains of sand :-( Spend the $15 on the boxwave. You never* have to take it off, unlike some of the other ones that do not wear as well, or are not as clear to see through.
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    I had the "stock" screen protector on my T600, and thankfully! One day while in my pocket, my keys scratched the screen protector and peeled it away. SP saved the day.

    I bought the 3-pack from the Treo Central store, and I can't even tell I am using one.
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    thanks for the people that recommended the martin fields.. they absolutely kick ***

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