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    OK - after an hour on tech support with T-Mobile they couldn't help. My new GSM unlocked 650 will call out fine on T-Mobile, but will not receive calls. Anyone calling in gets my voice mail after one ring.

    My sim card came from a Blackberry 7100T. If I replace it in the Blackberry it rings fine. T-Mobile does not believe, because of this, that it is a network issue. I did switch my T-Mobile plan once I received the 650 today from the Blackberry plan to the T-Mobile data plan.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I moved my card from the 7100t to the new gsm 650 and it recieves calls fine. Also all you need is tzones. My internet is working fine and I didnt change anything from my Blackberry plan.
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    I can send and receive calls with T-Mobile SIM card in a Cingular unlocked PPC Phone.
    But I can't access TZones so far. The setting is not automatic, like the T650. I'm working on it.
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    No problems with moving T mo sim from 600 to 650.
    You probably need a change of sim card.
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    I also went from using a BlackBerry 7100t to an unlocked Cingular treo 650 and everything works fine. I would suggest borrowing a Cingular or AT&T SIM from someone and seeing is the problem persists. If so, then you know the problem is in the phone.
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    OK - I switched sims with a Cingular phone and it worked great. Then I switched the sims back - and now my phone is working too! Is that weird or what?

    Thanks for the help.

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