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    Where can I get sky files for the player? They just put it on Handango a few minutes ago, I like the design, but I have nothing to play.
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    Got this from the download page:
    And Best of All---You can try the ActiveSky Media Player for Free!-At ActiveSky we believe that everyone should have easy access to content whenever and wherever they want. For that reason, you can try the player for no charge until July 31.
    You can get videos, get help, and get registered simply by visiting our website:

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    Wow - never thought I would see this for the Palm OS - this is great - maybe I won't miss WinCe that much.

    If this is a "media" player, I guess it has audio as well as video. So if audio is possible on the Palm, does anyone know if there is type service for the Palm OS? Now that would be awesome. Then I just need the ability to record .wav files on the Palm and I won't miss my CE machine anymore!
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    I just downloaded the player & some movies. It works, but to be honest, I was a little disapointed. Movies are displayed in 4-scale gray & everything looks like a shadow. I guess this is Visor specific problem, though. ActiveSky's FAQ states that other Palm devices are capable of displaying in 16- level gray scale. There is no audio. Well, this is a good start, though.

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