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    Suddenly starting yesterday, I can't others talk unless I turn to the speaker mode. It happened frequently since then and now the only way to hear is the speaker model. Would you have any idea what I would need to do to get it corrected ?

    I have done a hard reset and tried and still can't hear from the receiver part of the phone.

    It had been dropped slightly a few weeks ago. All was working fine until yesterday...

    Have anyone tried to open up the Treo to fix or attach lines that might have been dislocated ? Any hints would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you VERY VERY much. This phone is my life and I would not function properly without it. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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    Unfortunately, this is a very common problem. I have had two phones replaced in the last two months (thank goodness for insurance!) because of that very problem. I hope yours is still under warranty.

    I read in other posts that I searched when mine quit working that if you plug the headset in and out quickly in succession, that it might help. The theory here is that the phone thinks that you are still using a headset. It didn't work for mine, though.

    Good Luck!
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    You did not say if the the sound comes through a headset.

    2 possibilities I can think of:

    - bad ear piece-- requires repair/replacement
    - stuck in headset mode. I would try plugging and unplugging a headset plug a few times, as KBS suggested. That should bring it back to normal mode if that is the problem.
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    Thank you very very much. Unfortunately, the plugging and unplugging did not work...
    Hmmm... I think my warranty ran out already after a year. What would be best way to get it fixed ? I do hope that PalmOne will not charge me an arm and a leg for getting it fixed... Any recommendtations on what I should do ?

    Has anyone tried to open up the Treo ?

    Thank you very very much...
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    For a T600 suck up the repair bill, or if you have still have Lockline, file for replacement/exchange.
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    Same thing happened to me, other people could hear me I could not hear them unless in speaker mode. The ear speaker is junk. palmone will chage you a ton of money to replace a little clip in speaker. If you can get your hands on a broken 600 for cheap it is likely your best option as it is a simple take apart and fix. That is what I did.
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    This happened to me and they are sending me a replacement since I am still under warranty. I am using a headset or the speakerphone mode till I get the replacment.

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    I have got a hint...kind of......
    I read from another thread about one blowing air into the receiver part of the phone. So, I gave it a hard blow...and the sound came back and out... I blew it harder and the sound come back for a while and goes away. It seems like there is something it the receiver part that is wet or torn ?
    I plan on trying to give it clean and stronger blow using can of air and see if it will fix the problem permenantly. I would appreciate it if anyone has tried this and got it to work permenantly.
    Thank you.
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    Yes, AMZINGLY one big blow into the receiver part fixed the problem!
    Thank you!

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