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    Hi. Forgive me if this is answered in another thread or the FAQ and I missed it. I did search both and didn't find any recent info relating to my question.

    From reading older threads, it seems that older versions (2.5, maybe 2.6) of VersaMail would not connect to an SSL-enabled email server using self-signed certificates. The solution was to disable SSL.

    Has anyone had any success with this using the Treo 650 and VersaMail 3.0? Or even using another email client on the Treo 650?

    Our company has an SSL-enabled IMAP server with self-signed certificates, and I would like to know that this is going to work before I spend any money on a new smartphone. I don't consider "disable SSL" to be a worthwhile solution.
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    Versamail itself is shovelware, aside from enough instability to make want to ******* on the Treo 650, it doesn't work very well at all with sync'd pulls either. Either they won't work at all, or will work sporadically. However, Versamail is kind enough to spontaneously reboot your phone so it can have another go with a nice fresh start. I'd recommend using Shadowmites ROM #5 (Rombo #5, heh) to remove all traces of the Versamail trash.

    I, possibly like you, tried to roll back to older versions because *gasp*, they actually worked! Of course, I found out rather quickly that SSL support was non-existant.

    I was able to get Versamail working with a self-signed SSL certifcate using IMAP-SSL (Wrapped Port)/SMTP-SSL (STARTTLS).

    I have abandoned it for Snappermail's (Stupid Name, great app) stability, ease of use, and features. Others like Chattermail, but I've not been able to get Chatter to render HTML messages or play nice with my SSL (it tends to lock up the phone while querying/authorizing), and fading in and out of Vision tends to **** it off.

    Downside to Snappermail is the pricing scheme. Somehow the inclusion of SSL means you're an "Enterprise" user, so you have to pay more for that feature. I wouldn't check sensitive mail across a public network without a form of encryption, but that's me.

    Can you tell I'm jaded?
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    Oh yeah, if you do purchase Snappermail, I've got a nice custom ROM I made that has Snappermail included in the ROM instead of Versamail. It's based off of Shadowmite's Rom #5, and you're more than welcome to it if you do purchase Snappermail. Rom #5 leaves enough room for it and a few smaller applications, so you don't tie up so much RAM. Snapper I believe is around 1.2MB.
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    What about ActiveSync? Will VersaMail 3.0 support ActiveSync with Exchange 2003 server using self-signed SSL certifcate? Thank in advance.
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    I have successfully used a self-signed IMAPS cert on both Versamail 2.5(Treo600) and now Versamial 3.0(Treo650). What problem are you seeing?
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    Indeed, I have not gotton one yet. I am currently using a O2 XDAII and want to switch to Treo 650. I want to be sure this is possible before I invest the money. Is there any special setting necessary to tell the Treo to accpet the self-signed cert?
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    My IMAP-SSL and SMTP-TLS certs are both self-signed. No special Versamail settings are necessary.
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    I eventually got my Treo 650 today! So far everything look good and I got my AvtiveSync work with my self-signed certicate without any specific setting as you have said. Thanks!

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