Good Evening!

I just upgraded my old cell phone (Sony Ericsson t68i) to a Cingular Treo 650 on Friday. I had been looking to possibly converge 3 devices into 1, but apparently not quite yet.

The discussions regarding the lack of the Grafitti Shortcuts in the Treo 650 compared to my Tungsten C were interesting in light of the macros I use on an application called MData from MercuryMD used to gather patient information at my hospital. There is an area in each patient file that allows one to 'scribble' down free text while doing rounds, and I had a series of macros that would let me jot down the date and level of service. Then, I would manually transcribe the information later at the clinic into an Excel spreadsheet to be emailed to my billing staff on a weekly basis. It's a crude hack, but worked better than most coding software that I tried.

The Tungsten C's grafitti was less than desireable compared to my old m515, but the Grafitti Shortcut was Option-linked to the Home button. So, I had a pretty good thumb-rhythm down to invoke the macros. And, this has been working pretty well for a year now. I also heavily use the Wi-Fi feature of the T|C in the office to access the server for my electronic prescription service while doing refills requests in the clinic.

So, along comes the Treo 650. It was tempting to think I could get everything that I do on my T|C, and with some juggling and a 1 Gb SanDisk expansion I almost was there (OK, I also have a lot of MP3 files, too). But there's the issue of the Grafitti Shortcuts, again. I installed the freeware Shortcuts5, but once I tried to enter some to test out, nothing worked.

Bottom line, has anybody else had any luck with Shortcuts5 on the 650? Again, I have a Cingular Treo 650 running PalmOS Garnet v 5.4.5 without any ROM hacks. It's a little irritating that the keyboard links have been dropped, but it's nothing I can't live without. I'll just stick with my T|C for clinical stuff, and use the Treo 650 as a communicator. I suppose that my ultimate device would have 100 Mb of RAM, Bluetooth, GSM and Wi-Fi, but I doubt that will happen for a while.


Dean D Blakeley, MD
Raleigh NC

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