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    Yikes, I hotsynced some medical databases and as usual happens after a hotsync (since I have had this 650), the treo automatically soft resets. Never had this with any other Palm device until this. Anyway it was stuck in a reset loop. I tried to do a warm reset and it actually turned the phone back on. As soon as I hit the applications launcher, however, it went back into the loop and now it won't even do a hard reset. It won't get to the Palm circular logo at all.
    Any thoughts on my next step? Is it a call to PalmOne or Sprint?

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    Haven't did one lately, but if memory serves me correct:

    Push in the reset button while holding down the power button when you get the Palm logo let go and erase.

    I find doing a hard reset harder on the 650 than the 600.
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    Thanks but that isn't working. I get to the erase yes or no screen but it does not respond to "up" erasing anything. The screen just goes black and it continues on its little reset loop. Hard reset is not working here.
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    Don't know if it will work this way for you, but it took three tries for me to get a hard reset that broke out of the reset loop. I would get the "erase yes or no" screen, but the "up" response didn't actually work until the third time.

    Good luck!

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    I just got off the phone with Sprint level 2 support and he was able to get me through a hotsync in a way I have never heard of. For those of you who ever get into this situation: Take out the battery. Hold down the red power button and while it is being held down, replace the battery. Continue to hold the power button until the erase screen shows up. This time the up button actually completed the hard reset.

    Thanks for all of your input though! I love this little security blanket called Treocentral Discussion

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