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    I am sure if I was better at using the search I could find this. But please help me. It appears to me that Beyond Contacts stores its data in its own database. It seems to have turned off Chapura so it does not sync with Outlook and the contact, address, and other programs that came with the Palm? It also appears I can go into hotsync, customs and have those programs sync. Is there a problem with doing this? Will this hose something up? I need the information in the main database on the Palm.


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    I use beyond contacts and still sync both contacts and the datebook on the palm ROM. If you use the feature in BC to sync the contacts it will not let you use the palm software to sync the contacts. It requires control of this feature. By disabling this feature in BC I can sync with no problems. My reasons for wanting to sync contacts seperately is because I have ringtones assigned to categories and the BC sync feature kept resetting all the ROM contacts to unfiled. Since I run programs that will add appointments to the datebook I also need to sync it as well. It definately eats up more ram on the device but I need the functionality so I deal with it.
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