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    My Treo 650 is on the way, and I am waiting for my replacement Treo 600 so I can sell it. But I can't call PalmOne to see what happened to the replacement because I can't get to the support website! It's busy, or down, or something. Anyone have the Treo 600 support toll free number???
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    Not "support", but 'sales"-- at least you know they'll answer those phones, so you can pry a number outta them. From their website:
    1 (800) 881-7256 US Personal Use
    1 (888) 223-4817 US Business Use
    1 (877) 597-7256 Canada
    1 (888) 223-4817 US Education and Federal
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    I have 877 426-3777, however get comfortable and use a hands free device or speakerphone because you will wait a lonnnnnnnng time before you talk to anyone. Also even though you want a status on your 600 arriving, be prepared to give the most personal info you have ever given to anyone and maybe even your first born son

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