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    Thanks in advance for you recommendation.
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    Compusa brand Class 1 Bluetooth USB adapter. Its cheap ($30 i think), its very small, and its class 1 which means transmits up to 100 feet. I have another brand class 1 and I can sync from the next room no problem.
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    Linksys USBBT100 (with the little antenna). Just arrived today from $45 shipped. Also Class 1 (range is 100 meters not feet).

    My computer is in one corner on the first floor of the house, Treo connected fine almost 50 feet away in the garage (with steel door closed), and on the 2nd floor on the opposite end of the house. If it wasn't raining and cold out, I'd test it out there.

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    Try the iogear gbu311...usb 1.2 and is class 1 so it works up to 330ft....and will work well with a 1.2 headset for static free calls.
    Works fine with skype and my bt headset to make calls over the internet, too! Haven't tried it with the Treo yet, but it should work.
    I found it on and amazon for under $40 (used a coupon).
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    I use the IOGear 1.2 as well. It rocks.
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    using the linksys as well. if using xp sp2 be sure to delete MS's terrible BT drivers for this headset.

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