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    Does anyone have one of the treo portable keyboard ? Can you tell me when you have it plug in to the keyboard can you still plug in a headset so you could answer the phone. This way you could talk and type at the same time.
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    I have the keyboard made for the T600. It works great with no lag.

    However, you can't plug in a headset while you type. The audio jack is partially covered by the port when you plug it in.

    If you want to listen to mp3's or talk , then you might look at the Palm IR keyboard. You might be able to arrange it then (it still will be difficult because you can't lay it on its side (doesnt have landscape mode).

    I got this keyboard because you can plug it in an adapter and charge it while you use it (perfect for law students in class or in the library).
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    Thank you does anyone know of a keyboard that you can used with a headset plug in

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