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    Hi. Anyone else experience low volume from the 650 when you're on a call. I have the volume cranked all the way up, and I can hear the caller but not at the ear-splitting, necessary-for-a-90-year-old-man level it should be.
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    yes its really inconsistent on my treo tho. Some calls will be really loud when i turn the volume all the way up, other calls will be just be barely loud enough to be acceptable.
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    yes, same here. They seem to have made the ringer volume higher (which is good), but the call volume level is very low.
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    Unlocked Treo GSM 650 - Earpiece volume is often low. The Palm One store that sold it to me confirmed that several buyers have mentioned that the volume is indeed lower than that of the 600. My Motorola Razor is so loud I need to keep it in a lower setting.
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    i know that no one ever broadcast's good news, as good news is not what people want to see (apparently)...but these constant problems...and well this to add it to, is kinda worrying me...but hey whatever its an investment...and it has an active warranty...sorry just wanted to put my 1/2 cent into the equation
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    Swapped out my 650 for a new one 2 days ago - so far no improvement in call volume. Anyone know how to add an amp to the headset?

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