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    I suspect like most others from Canada you havent yet received your Treo 650.

    I just spoke to Palmone who confirmed my 650 shipped February 11th and was overnighted to the border and then it will be handed off to Purolator with a *estimated* ship time of 14 days!!!

    My tracking number shows nothing on the Purolator website, they claim it isnt in the system because it hasnt been shipped or they havent received it...I suspect it is being held at customs but the fact is I routinely receive Fedex overnight and it arrives less than 24 hours later with no border stops or anything.

    The customer service drone told me to keep checking the website and the tracking info will be updated, she said "Don't worry it's been shipped and you will have it by Friday and at the latest sometime next week", gee thank's PalmOne!!!

    So much for overnight shipping....I bet I also get double charged for GST which I believe I already paid to PalmOne...I have no idea what $48 in tax's means but assumed it was GST and no border stops when shipping!
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    Palmone's term for "Overnight" is the way they actually ship out the 650 over last thursday night..-_-"

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