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    So good to see this posted here. I suffered through hours of pain until I discovered the "idriver" issue. If it makes anyone feel better, it wasn't as simple as removing idriver, b/c there were several idriver's that came into the Task Manager. I had to guess which to remove, and each wrong guess left with a full screen freeze that required a restart, then disabling background processes, backup, and try again. It took 5 tries, but finally worked.

    FYI, I was installing on a Toshiba M205-s810 tablet PC, so as this thread implies, this may be a Windows PC issue. Had just installed SP2 a week prior, so some other programs may have still been working bugs out (What am I, a glutton for punishment!)
    Anyways, I was glad to see things got working after that.

    My only advice would be to check ALL the posts about "getting started" before proceeding... I needed ALL of em. They'll include the links to Palm, other Boards, etc. as needed.
    And as a last-ditch, there's always replacing the Treo if it's defective, as above.

    Good luck.
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    I had major problems upgrading so finally I just uninstalled my old palm software, did a clean install of the new OS that came with the 650 and beamed over my address book. It has been running pretty smooth since then with the exception of some Versamail issues which i have resolved.
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    SO, I'm having this wierd issue with the desktop sw. It will start to load, then hang with the desktop layout partially visible--sort of 'ghosted'. Will hang like this indefinitely. I can synch just fine, but of course I have no way of knowing if my calender or memos are on the desktop. I use Act to Palm synch conduit, but I dont think it is the problem (I noticed this problem a few months back, had the same conduit then)

    This problem predates my 650, and yes I have tried reinstalling. Running XP. Any thoughts?
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    Go to the Microsoft Knowledge base on their website. Find article 290301.

    Download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (msicuu.exe). Use it to delete Palm Desktop.

    Reboot your computer.

    Install the new Palm desktop.

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