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    I just sold my Sprint Treo 650 a couple of days ago, so I can't test this. But I swear that it also asked for language and key press when doing a hard reset. Are you guys sure you are doing a hard reset? You do get the question if you want to reset everything by press the up direction when doing the reset process, right?

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    Must be a regionalized OS setting. I've never been asked to select a language or press the keyboard on my US Sprint CDMA Treo 600 or 650. As I recall, the memory specs for the 650 were something like "23MB available, 22MB with language option." I'm guessing that extra 1K of OS code isn't included on U.S. spec phones. At least not Sprint U.S. phones.
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    Just to keep you guys up to speed I performed this hard reset 3 times...Holding the red call button and pressing the reset at the back with the stylus. Each tim I was asked to press the "k" or was it "z" i cant remember now and your all confusing me ;-)

    Anyhoo since then I have only had one softreset and by using the #*377 command in the phone area I was told it was caused by the calendar. So all in all things are working well its all a bit weird
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